About Us

What is Lapmac?

Lapmac is a data-driven support tool for your online shopping research. There is a lot of information available: social platforms, blogs, forums, comments, articles, and much more. At any given moment, thousands of new reviews are published. It’s impossible to keep track of them all on your own, and it can be frustrating to even try. It is time-consuming, tedious, and confusing.

The idea behind Lapmacpc was to create a technology that could collect all this data and analyze it with all the hard work for you so that you could easily track the feelings of the crowd. We crawl through the major online marketplaces and retailers in real-time, always up to date on all the latest products and prices. Our goal is to make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable and save you time and money. We are thrilled to see the Lapmacpc community growing and we are working hard to make continuous improvements and follow our goals. Stay tuned!